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I m Sohail siddique I m a student of Frankfinn center:vashi,Navi Mumbai batch:C5 and I m a HTCS student.I have completed my 5 modules Grooming,English, hospitality,P.D and Travel and my AMADEUS is pending now my concern is I m sitting at home since 1& half month why I am sitting at home because they had started with swimming module and swimming is for one month they had extended for 1& half month and my parents daily asking me what's going on why are u not going to class all that stuff parents are throwing on me daily I use to make then understand that due to module got extended n all but Frankfinn have to inform us that dear student your which over module is pending we are starting with some other batch you can sit in that batch but no updation from their side ok no problem they are updating but I have gone in center 2 to 3 times but then also they use to say yeah soon we will update u we will call u then also no calls no update and not giving satisfying answer also when we call they don't receive calls or rejects call from 3 days I m continuing calling to Meenakshi mam but she is not answering my call she is rejecting my calls infact I had came to Gurgaon for one day as my personal work I thought I should go and complaint of Meenakshi mam but I thought leave I will go Thier and talk to her but she is not answering my calls and not giving proper answer and also talking rudely haa also she told me that we will start CRM form 14 Oct thts why I was calling her but she is not updating me n not giving satisfying answer.Hope from this mail I will get help and our parents are also worried about our course. Thank you,
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