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Regarding Formal Attire

To Frankfinn Head Office Sir/Mam, With due respect we state that we are from Frankfinn Institute Jabalpur V2 batch. For the upcoming modules there is a formal attire suggested by the institute.  Mam/Sir, we have taken loans for the whole course fee as most of us are belonging to Village. Attire is costing something 3000/- to 4000/- Rs per head,  Most of us are unable to bear the cost. Mam/Sir, there is a humble request to you to provide us formal attire as we have paid a large amount to the Institute.  Thanking you. Yours faithfully V2 BATCH FIVT/8248 FIVT/7691 FIVT/9421 FIVT/8518 FIVT/8863 FIVT/8603 FIVT/8166 FIVT/7708 FIVT/7945 FIVT/7378 FIVT/9041
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