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Complain about a teacher

Hi, This Sahil Dobani a Student of Frankfinn Institute I regretfully want to complain about a Teacher in Thane branch of Frankfinn that the behavior of the teacher named as Amit sir (Teacher of Hospitality module). On the first day of the module he asked me to sit aside from everyone by saying that i know who you are with a rude tone without any context of mischief or any other disturbing behavior On the second day, during the lecture i was sitting quietly listening to the explanation and He asks some student a question, after a few other students he asks me to standup and then asked me if the grooming ma'am allowed to me to keep my hairs the way it was to which i answered simply by saying 'Yes she (Grooming teacher) asked me to apply wax properly and there wont be any problem if you do it.' To which he replied in a rude tone by saying that you are not going to be allowed to my class ever if you don't cut your hairs shorter and asked me to keep my attitude at my home which is ironical because I didn't even reply to him, all i said was 'Ok'. My behavior in all the module have been decent and I want to keep it that way. There have never been any complaints about my behavior I am a hard working guy on my studies as well as the Job which i am doing. Lastly I dont know what you can do about it i just had a complaint and It concerns me alot. I hope you can do something about it, Thank You Yours Faithfully Sahil Dobani
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