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I have complained more than 10 times now for my certificate since 2016.... What is frankfinn doing with it ..., this the last option that I am writing if it’s not solved then I will take some other action as my many thing is stuck coz of this It’s high time that you guys should check in you file for how many time I have complained in different ids

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I have been a student of frankfinn south ex branch. I am Ritika and Ref Id is 856. Expect for me my entire class has got their certificate. I had complained a no. Of times to Shadhvi sharma mam and swati mam there but nothing happened. Please take a appropriate action and provide my certification as soon as possible
I have completed my courses last year from Frankfinn-Bangalore Infantry Road but i haven't got my certificate yet. i have complained about this several time directly in institute but there's no positive response Please check this and do the needful
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