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Refund money

I am Shruti from Mumbai.. Andheri centre.. AW4 batch.. I havent attended inflight n i dont want to attend for refund I have written a letter past more than 1 month ago but i haven't got a response for refund I need a refund of inflight and excess amt which is in total 16000

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file a case why you have to request all the time

best of luck

btw they're just doing business

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I asked them for the refund.. But they aren't taking any action through it.. From the month of may I am asking them.. But they aren't responding n now they are saying I have to do it 

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shut mam I m saying file a legal case

you are strong lady I believe you'll defiantly get your refund just once cross check with the head office as well...

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My Loan is not happening because of that I am not able to pay rest of the fee and my sister is having cancer so my father is not able to pay the fee so i don't want to continue. So plz refund my fee which is all ready paid.

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Babe talk to ur specific institutions about it
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