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Refund my money

Refund my money sir plzz My name Dipak Rohidas koli My receipt photos uploaded
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Sir refund my money which I have given you and I have not sign your document

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Sir I want my money u plz refund it otherwise I really tell u I do attempt suicide I m very upset plz refund my money

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Sir I want my money please otherwise...

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Please refund my money back.You shouldn't treat a student like this.
Sir please refund my deposit amount i can't continue this course due to fincial condition
My name is Sumaiya Mohammad Ali Sayyed. I had filled the form in the frankfinn institute and had to pay 4,000 for the admission but due to some problem, due to being a family sage at home, the family has not got the Agri so I have paid my fees. Please take those refunds.
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