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Delay in the aviation (and the last) module

So , i have an issue unresolved , the thing is that our swimming module was completed last month on 14th may , and we have been sitting at home from then, we have contacted our centre head regarding the aviation module but we haven't got any proper reply , everytime we ask her about our classes , she has the same answer that this thing is done on a higher level , we don't have any aviation trainer , when she'll come ,then the aviation module will start . She also told us that probably the classes will start in june but when some students of my batch went to ask about the classes , she didn't tell any exact date yet the same answer as always ! As this is the last module left , we want to complete it ASAP. to do something further in our career , please help us to resolve this matter as soon as possible I'm waiting for your reply. Thank you so much Regards. Ayush sharma

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The people are literally forcing us to do any kind of job we are working in customer service and still your people does not have a way to speak no concerns for the student.once the money taken
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