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Issues faced in Thane Branch, Mumbai

To, Frankfinn Institute, Delhi - 110058. We, students of Frankfinn Institute, Thane Branch writing this letter to inform about few problems that many of the students in this branch faces. It is as follows : 1) We travel from long way in the morning for the class and reaches half an hour before, to get ready for the lecture but the issue is the person who is supposed to open the door always reaches late since a long time. We ask him to come earlier and he yells at us as well as on Madhavi Maam (Galileo lecturer) on the previous day. 2) The Grooming room is so uncomfortable, it is always untidy as well as the toilets are always dirty. As a female we need at least hygiene toilets. 3) The lady in the office comes daily to give reminder about the fees to the people who are left to pay it. The fees must be punctual but the facilities won't be better? We saw a parent who was asking for a week period to pay the fees but one of the lady in the office harshly saying to a parent that if you are not paying the fees take your daughter and leave. Is this the way to speak to a parent when he/she is asking for a time period?? We agree that we have to pay for getting trained but we expect better service from your side too. 4) Many of the students from Thane Branch have completed the course of training but are *only called for hospitality*. When we are trained as a cabin crew or ground staff why are we supposed to do hospitality?? Because the *FRANKFINN INSTITUTE is for air hostess training* The point is not of getting hospitality but why dont we get a call of airline interview?? That is our dream to become an air hostess or ground staff, that is why we invested for.. If we are not capable to become an air hostess or ground staff then that will be decided on our interview.. If we are not getting a call for airline then how are we supposed to give direct interview for hospitality?? The reason why we are approaching you is because as we pay a huge amount as a fees we need at least better facilities. *We appreciate and thank you* for providing us the best teachers. ( Pinky Ma'am , Sneha Ma'am, Madhavi Ma'am and Amit Sir) We are apologising for not revealing our names. *THANK YOU!*

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